A Ceremonial Change Process

Indigenous Wisdom and Knowledge for living the loving way as designed for the Altai Fellowship August 13th 2011 Journey

The Teaching

The following information is organized within the four phases of an authentic Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process.  Authenticity brings authority because truth is the only real power and truth is our protection of all that is sacred.  The current tyranny in the world is being dismantled by the following unifying principle for collective planetary survival: powerwithin is for powerwith others in order to eliminate powerover others. 

Living the loving way, as a way of life, is a reverent revolution that re-frames inequity in resource distribution away from the forced-choice purchasing of the products and services that support the financial rich, into using one’s inherent gifts for the benefit of each person, their family, community and nation from elder to the youth of the next generation.  The spiritual lesson in these crisis times and awakening of the conscience is that win-lose decisions create no-win for everyone.  Thus, each person is requested to learn why and how to make decisions for win-win, away from destructive and death-producing choices, toward constructive and life-affirming choices.

I. Naming the out-of-balance condition

Every human political “Empire” throughout history on the planet earth has been organized to oppress and enslave people within governing and religious organizations designed to delay each person’s remembering and reawakening of a true spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator, because they operate from “Consciousness” that leads to “perception” where reality is relative to their perception. The outcome is polarizing into adversary and conflict, then there is no spiritual morality.

All Indigenous prophesies known for centuries predict that the time of silence and persecution of Indigenous people who have the wisdom and knowledge for healing processes that lead to curing, not coping, has ended in this time of awakening to the Conscience and “breaking silence” of exploitation and victimization by oppression of a person’s soul purpose and life mission.

Core Issue-root cause that maintains the out-of-balance condition
The construct and language of historical political governing and religious organizations are designed to cause delay of one’s remembering and reawakening to their soul purpose and life mission as a precious child of creator. Delay of human service to creator, to SELF and to what is good, beautiful and true for women, children and elders, causes suffering. The male gender life task as protector-provider is corrupted to perpetrator and sexual predator in the home, the community and in the government.

All intentions to misguide, mislead, misinform to create misunderstanding for adversary and conflict by an intention and design of governing and religious organization implementation of win-lose decision-making lead, ultimately, to no-win outcomes for everyone. This is the destructive intention that uses technology and information with brute force, that is currently destroying the four sacred elements on the planet: earth-physical, water-emotive, fire-mental and air-spiritual well being.  Corn is a symbol of social and economic well-being.

II. Emptying the obstacles that maintain the root cause
The divine plan for remembering and reawakening humanity is to restore the knowledge of cooperation and collaboration between spiritual beings and earth humane beings in a partnership for redeeming destructive and death-producing choices and the vibratory
consequences that lead people into the materialistic greed abyss by those who intentionally hoard world resources by controlling thinking processes and manipulating people by fear and guilt.The “new group of world servers” are called to change the vibration on the earth plane to love and peace by learning and teaching the “how to” healing process by making win-win constructive and life-affirming choices.

An awakened person is one who has liberated themselves from their deficient self-image and knows that spiritual awakening does not require a remediation process from that deficient self-image in an Inverse thinking system, where remediation is toward some end state. Every person is already equally fore-given a true spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator.

III. Re-framing the co-creative solutions

The “new group of world servers” that are to meet and organize for “planetary alignment” and “world axis alignment” are fulfilling their soul purpose to ground and anchor spiritual energies from the divine beings who are the guiders of the human race toward a collective remembering and reawakening of their true spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator in order to fulfill the divine plan on earth.

When one reclaims their inherent divinity and they know their sacred place in the universe, they can work with the Indigenous wisdom and knowledge because they understand the unifying principles that operate to eliminate the need for powerover in Empires.

VI. Manifesting Indigenous wisdom and knowledge

A liberated person can access accurate spiritual information by revelation from their own soul and from telepathy from divine beings because they know that the interconnectedness of the etheric network is designed to redeem misqualified energies, held in human destructive intention, back into the light to be used for healing of lies and betrayal.

When we operate in the Affirmative thinking system it is from “Conscience” where Indigenous knowledge and wisdom leads to reality as exact because the context is in the natural order. There is group consensus and spiritual morality in win-win decision making.

V. Life application of win-win decision making for universal practical application of co-creative solutions

We are inspired to restore trust and serve creator, SELF and others with powerwithin to have powerwith the divine in the universe. The way to have powerwithin to have powerwith others for congruent win-win decision making is to intend, visualize, affirm, and manifest win-win constructive and life-affirming choices with a sacred SELF-identity as a precious child of creator.  Living the loving way, as a way of life, is hozhooji in the Navajo language.

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