Living the Loving Way

A Teaching of Indigenous Wisdom and Knowledge

Living the loving way, as a way of life, is hozhooji in the Navajo language.  “Hozho” is an all encompassing concept of holiness and wholeness where there are not competing collectivities representing competing ideologies. “ji” is to sing some one back to health.  All healing ceremonies sing a person back to health.

Hozhooji is the blessing way ceremony for remembering and reawakening to our spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator. The phrase “living the loving way” is the literal translation of a way of life choosing constructive and life-affirming choices – healing, not destroying self and others.

Living the loving way, as a way of life, is a reverent revolution that re-frames inequity in resource distribution away from the forced-choice purchasing of the products and services that support the financial rich, into using one’s inherent gifts for the benefit of each person, their family, community and nation from elder to the youth of the next generation.

The spiritual lesson in these crisis times and awakening of the conscience is that win-lose decisions create no-win for everyone.  Thus, each person is requested to learn why and how to make decisions for win-win, away from destructive and death-producing choices, toward constructive and life-affirming choices.

Win-win decision making” is discovering and using one’s gifts for collective survival.  Every person’s inherent gift supports another person’s survival.  Every person can give healthy expression to their gifts and everyone benefits by the healthy expression of each person using their creative imagination for collective survival.

Learn more about these blessingway healings:

Patricia Anne Davis, Altai Fellowship Wisdom Keeper

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