Video: True Abundance through Healing and Peacemaking

Patricia Anne Davis talks about how to choose the path of healing and abundance. As a Navajo wisdom-keeper, she has been initiated to help people to walk the path of goodness and beauty according to the natural order.

Transcript below.

[Navajo greeting] All my relatives, my name is Patricia Anne Davis.  My maternal grandparents are the Mississippi band of Choctaw.  My paternal grandparents are the Kea’ahni of the Navajo nation.

I have been stewarding a body of knowledge for a lifetime.

I am the 11th child of 12 and the youngest daughter of an authentic medicine person who gave over 40 years of healing services to 3 generations of people.  He initiated me into his healing ways when I was 8 years old.

I would like to describe this process and simplify it by saying that it is a healing process that leads to curing.  I have been speaking and teaching and healing people for many, many years as well as working in health and human services: in behavioral health in and mental health and social services .  We can call it wellness restoration.  It leads to curing which is a re-balancing.  It is not a coping process.

All healing takes place in thinking.

There are only two intentions, one is destructive and death producing choices and one is constructive and life affirming choices. So when we think about our own ways of giving information to our body, we can give our body wrong information or we can give our body correct information.  So, the healing process is very simple in that way.  It is a decision.

It is a decision to say yes to constructive and life affirming choices and to say no to destructive and death producing choices.

There is no secret, there is nothing hidden.  Healing is beautiful and profound.  Healing takes place at a level of communication with our sacred identity, our sacred self.  We are all a precious child of creator because our body is made of Earth, 98% Water, Fire is temperature and this Air is the holy creator’s breath.

So, I understand that the perfect peace and love of creator is radiated to the physical sun which radiates to the plant kingdom and that’s how we are breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.  It is the miracle of photosynthesis. And in this way, the Earth, Water Fire and Air which makes up our body, is in harmony and balance with the Earth, Water Fire and Air in the universe.

So we are in it and it is within us.

To remember and awaken to this true knowledge is the whole purpose of ceremony.  It is to identify the obstacles and root cause that keep us in an out-of-balance condition.  When we undo thinking that tells our body wrong information, Like all of the diseases that occur in our body, it is only energy, stagnant energy.  And where [the energy] goes and what happens when we name it and identify it tells us exactly what the spiritual lesson is.

For example, Cancer is the profound need to change one’s thinking.  And diabetes is the consequence of experiencing no sweetness in life.  So these are briefly a description of the Native American concepts that I teach and I use in the four phases of healing that is called Blessingway.

Currently I offer one-on-one ceremony, group ceremony (that means a small group or larger groups).  The group ceremony can be the topic that the group has agreed upon.  The one-on-one individual is for the concerns or the sickness that the persona is experiencing.  And then a smaller ceremony is also a one-on-one ceremony where each person gets individual attention and that is probably maximum 5 people in one setting. [or a whole family]

I have translated concepts from the Navajo language that describe answers to the questions: 

What is healing? 

How does it happen in our body? 

How do we experience it?  

This is coming from indigenous wisdom and knowledge where the container for understanding who we are in the universe, our sacred place in the universe is what I call the Natural Order.  The natural order is the laws of nature, like gravity and women give birth to a child.  It is not religion, it is not theory, it is not philosophy.

This healing process does not require a conversion process, it does not require taking away and replacing.  That was the original condition of colonialism that happened to American Indians.  And we are now, in this century and in these times of awakening the conscience, breaking the silence about who we are and what we know.

We are helping the planet and humanity to re-balance, to reconnect, and to re-harmonize with creator and within ourselves and with others.

That is power within to have powerwith and that eliminates the need to have powerover.  That means that we know ourselves and our sacredness in which we reclaim all of the gifts that we need to use for our collective survival.  We will benefit by them, our family will benefit, our community will benefit.  This is the affirmative thinking system.  In the affirmative thinking system. we are affirming abundance.  What is this abundance?  It is peacemaking with the creator.

True Abundance:

In peacemaking, the love energy will flow from the good will to our thinking and our heart, to our actions in the world.

We call that walking in goodness and beauty or living the loving way as a way of life.  A way of life means that the information has been given through generation after generation for win-win decisions.. This means that we have learned that win-lose situations eventually end up as no-win for everyone.

In the process of naming the out-of-balance condition we make sure that there is a safe environment where a person can name what is out-of-balance, discover the root cause and uncover the obstacles that keep a person trapped in a thinking system that is destructive. That thinking system which is destructive to the person as well as the planet

Many people in other places in the world really love American Indians.  They want to learn how to reconnect with with nature.  And nature and creator are really the same thing.  I welcome you to check out my website and find out more.

Thank you, [in Navajo]
Patricia Anne Davis.

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

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