Thank you for participating in the “Song with No Words”

Transcribed from the conference call on August 21st as the Fellowship returned from the week of Ceremony on Altai.

Thank you everyone.  This is Patricia.  You have participated in the song of no words, with your intention and commitment to using the light of your sacred-SELF for grounding love and peace in the world.  This is synchronistic, being in harmony and balance with the divine plan and the natural order; and it is synergistic.  We had an opportunity for the unifying principles to manifest by honoring the call to go out and to have so many people remember and reawaken and renew our ways of being in the world.

The most important thing is this tremendous appreciation and gratitude for all the people in their own way and in their own place who understood that the spiritual realm is beyond our temporal time and space into eternal time where you all of you are existing in the eternal now – within us.  With all the gifts that have been equally given to us, we have used for the listening and the receiving spiritual energies.  Also, grounding and sending these energies through a very simple technique of uniting people in such a way that they can understand that we are all connected.

And that was most challenging to me was how to use words that define very esoteric knowledge and wisdom in such a way that conveyed the unifying principles for so much participation.  To all the beautiful people who put their heart and time in assisting – so much appreciation to all of you, to everyone.

We are feeling the song of no words in the heartbeat of Mother Earth and in the in-breath and the out-breath in the universe the creator’s holy breath is breathing through our life, our living and our being.

Love and light to all of you!”

My own definitions/descriptions:

Synchronistic: A “front” word for spirituality where the concept of A, B, C, D manifests as E representing what the Swiss Psychologist called a “meaningful co-occurrence.”   This holographic and holistic term is different from causality where A causes B resulting in dualism that results in people polarizing in “for” and “against” someone or something.  Adversary, conflict and war are the consequences of dualistic -thinking.

Synergistic: A “front” word for the effectiveness of loving intention and energy for the increased effect of all the groups intending, visualizing, affirming and manifesting together is more than the sum of each participant. People using their collective conscience and creative imagination to manifest the unifying principles of win-win decision making is the appropriate function of our thinking.

Song of no words: from the Metaphysical literature the “Voice of the Silence” is where the “raincloud of knowable things” reveals spiritual wisdom and knowledge to each soul in what is now known publically as the Gold Star meditation.  From the Navajo/Dineh spiritual language lens, it is the air that makes the sound of the perfect love and peace of creator that radiates to the physical sun, to the holy plant people and we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide – the miracle of Photosynthesis.  We call this “air” the holy creator’s breath.  We are alive with it and we speak with it.

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the  glossary
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About Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh

My English name is Patricia Anne Davis, MA and my ceremonial name is used only for personal ceremony. It translates to "peacemaker" or "one who greets others with peace". I have spent a life time learning and practicing healing knowledge and processes, beginning with my own father, who was a medicine person who made his lifetime priority healing three generations of people in ceremonies. He was my teacher from birth in the home and in ceremonies until his transition in 1983. I earned a BA in Psychology from the University of AZ and an MA in Whole System Design, the language and techniques of creative change, from the Center for Creative Change at the Antioch University in Seattle, WA. I worked in the Health and Human Services profession in every position in the continuum of care for Behavioral Health, Social Services and Mental Health for over 20 years. I am an original writer of "The Beauty Way Curriculum" K-12 Prevention Education for alcohol and other drug recovery and wellness restoration in both the English and Navajo language, published in 1990. Currently, I am in private practice as a Practitioner and Diagnostician and also an International Teacher and Consultant of Navajo/Dineh blessingway ceremonial healing principles that are cross-cultural, inter-generational, inclusive and universal in practical application.

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