Hearing the Song of Silence Workshop

April 1, 2012 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Venue: Mind Unwind

Phone: 206-849-7222

Address: Google Map

2206 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA, 98116, United States

Patricia Anne Davis will spend a day at Mind Unwind sharing and interacting ideas surrounding the individual’s liberation through artistry. By hearing the song of silence, our creative imaginations can be awakened. Patricia teaches the idea that when manifestation is centered in the connection of spirit and matter, we can be in touch with our authentic self.

Affirm your “SELF” as a creative change agent. The awakening of the conscience exists in all of us. Patricia’s knowledge of indigenous wisdoms and living in a natural order are inspirational. The morning will begin with fresh fruit and music and an introduction into Patricia’s teachings. We will break for lunch and then Patricia will fill the rest of the afternoon with a more in-depth look at the natural order.

Space is limited, please email create@mindunwind.org to register. This workshop contains a priceless amount of knowledge…your desired donation to support our endeavor is welcomed.


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