Win-Lose Decision Making is Systems Design Failure

by Patricia Anne Davis, MA

Manifesting Co-Creative Solution: Pure Democracy – Indigenous

6 Nations of Iroquois Confederacy:
Affirmative thinking system: powerwithin from creator to have powerwith others

1. Male gender life-task: Protector-Providers in healthy helping partnership with
Female gender life-task: Live-givers and Nurturers
2. Initiative by group consensus
3. Referendum by group consensus
4. Recall leader for taking people into hunger, poverty, sickness & premature death
Representational Democracy

Eurocentric Dualistic thinking system: conquest is powerover

1. Hierarchy/Patriarchy – Aristocracy; Oligarchy; Plutocracy
2. Initiative by majority vote is powerover
3. Referendum by majority vote is powerover
4. No Recall for taking people into hunger, poverty, sickness & premature death: Accidents, Suicide, Homicide, Genocide, Infanticide

The Out-of-balance Condition: Killer Power

“…patriarchy and masculinity are not synonymous.  Female patriarchs can be just as domineering as males.  Like their counterparts, they live in a patriarchal ethos that operates through control over others, over themselves, over nature.  We need to recognize also that many men have a more finely honed femininity than many women.  We all are the children of patriarchy and, therefore, we all have to take responsibility for a killer power shadow that would massacre the feminine and the masculine in whatever form they manifest.  [This] is not a defense of the feminine at the expense of the masculine.  The one without the other leads to suicide or tyranny.”#1


Core Issue: root cause is killer power – conquest and powerover

Colonialists do not know how to take care of mother earth, thus her capacity for caring for us is diminishing.  The air that is father sky is also being polluted, yet we continue on a path of self destruction and destroying nature. “Environmental problems… are mostly the result of a miscalibration between human intention and ecological results, which is to say that they are a kind of design failure.”#2

Pamela Colorado and a Dineh medicine person Hanson Ashley in “Wayfinding and the New Sun” concluded that “…people did not learn the most important lessons within the world – but between the world cycles.”  “Between the worlds was the time when humanity had to do things to put itself in accord again – in accord with life, or with the natural world, however you want to say it.”#3

  [Hanson knew me and my late father. They were both Dineh medicine people].

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  2. Orr, David,  THE NATURE OF DESIGN, “Human Ecology as a Problem of Ecological Design”, Oxford University Press, Inc. 2002 (pp 4, 20).

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About Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh

My English name is Patricia Anne Davis, MA and my ceremonial name is used only for personal ceremony. It translates to "peacemaker" or "one who greets others with peace". I have spent a life time learning and practicing healing knowledge and processes, beginning with my own father, who was a medicine person who made his lifetime priority healing three generations of people in ceremonies. He was my teacher from birth in the home and in ceremonies until his transition in 1983. I earned a BA in Psychology from the University of AZ and an MA in Whole System Design, the language and techniques of creative change, from the Center for Creative Change at the Antioch University in Seattle, WA. I worked in the Health and Human Services profession in every position in the continuum of care for Behavioral Health, Social Services and Mental Health for over 20 years. I am an original writer of "The Beauty Way Curriculum" K-12 Prevention Education for alcohol and other drug recovery and wellness restoration in both the English and Navajo language, published in 1990. Currently, I am in private practice as a Practitioner and Diagnostician and also an International Teacher and Consultant of Navajo/Dineh blessingway ceremonial healing principles that are cross-cultural, inter-generational, inclusive and universal in practical application.

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