Patricia Anne Davis in NYC at Pinkster and the NYC New Museum Ideas City Festivals and more until June 9th

Saturday May 30th at the African Burial Ground National Monument:

Opening of the Way for Blessings” – Patricia Anne Davis, MA, Choctaw-Navajo International Teacher and Healer‘s third year speaking at this event in Manhattan NYC.


From about the 1690s until 1794, both free and enslaved Africans were buried in a 6.6-acre burial ground in Lower Manhattan, outside the boundaries of the settlement of New Amsterdam, later known as New York.

The African Burial Ground National Monument, in partnership with the African American Pinkster Committee of New York (AAPCNY) annually celebrates and invites the general public to a commemorative celebration featuring the pouring of libations, lectures, songs, performances, reading of proclamations, and the laying of flowers on the burial mounds.

Saturday May 30th at the City Festival sponsored by NYC New Museum:

Leading the Way to Inspire Win-Win Decisions for Planetary Restoration” Led by Patricia Anne Davis, MA, Choctaw-Navajo International Teacher and Facilitator

The third and final day of the Festival will transform the streetscape into a temporary city of ideas, redefining public space and architecture. One hundred cultural and community groups will come together to share their ideas through hands-on workshops, performances, tours, and exhibitions.

Ideas city

IDEAS CITY is a major collaborative initiative between hundreds of arts, education, and civic organizations centered on the belief that culture is fundamentally vital to urban growth and innovation. This keynote address will anchor three days of conferences, debates, performances, activities on the street, and artistic interventions that will transform the Bowery neighborhood in downtown Manhattan into a multi-platform incubator that will examine urban issues, propose solutions, and seed concrete actions. The Festival will take place May 28–30, 2015, and this year’s theme—The Invisible City—will explore questions of transparency and surveillance, citizenship and representation, expression and suppression, and the enduring quest for visibility.

Upcoming events:

Monday June 1st, NYC Bahai Center: “Advocating for Peacemaking Co-creative Solutions” with Patricia Anne Davis, MA, Choctaw-Navajo

Saturday June 6th, Romemu Service for “…social action and to service that flows from an identification with the sacredness of all life”: Judaism for Body, Mind and Spirit. Patricia Anne Davis Speaks on: “Remembering the Sacred-SELF in our Sacred Place in the Universe”

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