Patricia Anne Davis in NYC Opening ceremony for “WORLD YOGA COMMUNITY”, “International Day of Yoga Celebration” and 15th annual “Yoga Festival in New York City.

PAD NYC Teaching

Patricia Anne Davis Teaching the Principles of the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process

Patricia Anne Davis NYC Flyer I was taught an Esoteric Meditation that is called Raja Yoga, meaning spiritual mind power by strengthening the “Rainbow Bridge” from the intellect to the soul and I have practiced this daily for 40 years in order to sincerely manifest my soul purpose and life mission through meditation, learning and service in the world. Now, as an International Teacher/Healer I am in NYC where East Indians meet an American Indian.


Patricia Anne Davis NYC PosterMy teachers eventually wrote the books The Rainbow Bridge Part I and Part ll by “Two Disciples” and I studied Metaphysical classics like Alice a. Bailey since 1977, while I was simultaneously a Psychology student at the University of Arizona where I was honored with the Bahti Award for “Excellence in Scholarship and Community Service, 1982 upon graduating. – Patricia Anne Davis International Teacher and Facilitator


Patricia Anne Davis in NYC

Dileepkumar Thankappan’s regular evening Mantra & Meditation class with Secret Native American teachings by guest Grandmothers Lygia DeCastro and Patricia Anne Davis



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