Video: VIRTUAL COUNCIL: Grandma Patricia Anne Davis: Choctaw-Chata/Navajo-Dineh: Life Affirmative Language

Grandma Patricia Anne Davis- Peacekeeper of the Choctaw-Chatah, Navajo/Dineh lineages. As she works her magic as a maestra linguist of native language, skillfully translated to the English language— you are bound to experience every cell of your being lighting up with ancestral memory as she evokes our soul purpose through life affirmative whole brain thinking and being.

Enjoy the ride as she guides us through a menu of subjects around effective communication, females breaking the patriarchal silence, the ceremonial change process, and young people dismantling the current structures. This is a delicious treat to flower the heart, nourish the soul, and blossom the being into our fullest presence on Earth. Get comfortable, connect deeply, and enjoy this special transmission direct from Mother Earth and Father Sky. Haylli!

– Interview through Reviveolution: a global community of indigenous wisdom-sharers, visionaries, and actionaries dedicated to nourishing thriving Human-Earth relationships. 

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