Indigenous Stewardship, not Industrial Ownership is the Co-Creative Solution by Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper

“The original conflict of interest between Indigenous people and Industrial people is Stewardship of the earth, water, fire and air; and, Ownership which is still on-going today.” – Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper

Indigenous people were stewards of the four sacred elements for generations and Industrial people trashed the planet within a few centuries. Industrial people have man-made Political “Sovereignty” and Indigenous people have Inherent Sovereignty with creator and creation, power within to have power with others and this eliminates the need for power over.

Patricia Anne Davis teaching in NYC

Patricia Anne Davis teaching the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process in NYC

Our whole-brain thinking is constructed for using our thinking for what it is for, the appropriate use of our whole-brain thinking is for designing the co-creative solutions using power within from creator for power with others to eliminate the need for power over & Tyranny. Thus, the “criminal mind” is using our thinking for what it is not for and to limit thinking capacity of our Inherent Sovereignty with creator for win-win constructive and life-affirming decisions & choices. The “criminal mind” always makes win-lose (no-win for everyone) destructive and death-producing decisions and choices.

Over the centuries people have used the “criminal mind” to manifest these forms of pain and suffering: poverty, hunger, homelessness, addiction, illness, incarceration and war. Pain and suffering are not a spiritual path, yet people have been programmed and conditioned to believe that there is a reward for pain and suffering. This is a belief in a cosmic lie. Ownership is based upon win-lose. Therefore, this belief is morally wrong. We cannot reform anything that is morally wrong. However, we can reframe our thinking into win-win decision making to remember and reawaken our sacred-SELF intellect to initiate peace making with creator and restore balance and harmony with creation as a spiritual and moral way of life.

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About Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh

My English name is Patricia Anne Davis, MA and my ceremonial name is used only for personal ceremony. It translates to "peacemaker" or "one who greets others with peace". I have spent a life time learning and practicing healing knowledge and processes, beginning with my own father, who was a medicine person who made his lifetime priority healing three generations of people in ceremonies. He was my teacher from birth in the home and in ceremonies until his transition in 1983. I earned a BA in Psychology from the University of AZ and an MA in Whole System Design, the language and techniques of creative change, from the Center for Creative Change at the Antioch University in Seattle, WA. I worked in the Health and Human Services profession in every position in the continuum of care for Behavioral Health, Social Services and Mental Health for over 20 years. I am an original writer of "The Beauty Way Curriculum" K-12 Prevention Education for alcohol and other drug recovery and wellness restoration in both the English and Navajo language, published in 1990. Currently, I am in private practice as a Practitioner and Diagnostician and also an International Teacher and Consultant of Navajo/Dineh blessingway ceremonial healing principles that are cross-cultural, inter-generational, inclusive and universal in practical application.

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