Video: VIRTUAL COUNCIL: Grandma Patricia Anne Davis: Choctaw-Chata/Navajo-Dineh: Life Affirmative Language

Grandma Patricia Anne Davis- Peacekeeper of the Choctaw-Chatah, Navajo/Dineh lineages. As she works her magic as a maestra linguist of native language, skillfully translated to the English language— you are bound to experience every cell of your being lighting up with ancestral memory as she evokes our soul purpose through life affirmative whole brain thinking and being.

Enjoy the ride as she guides us through a menu of subjects around effective communication, females breaking the patriarchal silence, the ceremonial change process, and young people dismantling the current structures. This is a delicious treat to flower the heart, nourish the soul, and blossom the being into our fullest presence on Earth. Get comfortable, connect deeply, and enjoy this special transmission direct from Mother Earth and Father Sky. Haylli!

– Interview through Reviveolution: a global community of indigenous wisdom-sharers, visionaries, and actionaries dedicated to nourishing thriving Human-Earth relationships. 

Monday, May 11th in Seattle: Patricia Anne Davis speaks on the concept of “Compassion” as translated from Navajo

“Social interaction in the context of what the Western system calls “the human condition” meaning pain and suffering in the state of physical plane living is a given. Then “compassion” means a deep empathy for the pain and suffering of others.”  -Patricia Anne Davis, MA  Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh

Join Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper, International Teacher, Facilitator, Consultant and Healer in NE Seattle for an Evening Discourse, Teaching and Healing on Monday, May 11th from 7-10pm. Please RSVP to or (206) 794-7231 for directions.

“There is only oneness in the spiritual realm where we cannot be separate or disconnected, thus compassion is a living word that affirms our interconnection with creator and creation and each other in the oneness of the spiritual universe.

“In order to accomplish healing in this context the levels of mind-body dichotomy, compartmentalized thinking, dualism programing and individualism conditioning, must be named and the root cause identified to be corrected in the Emptying phase of a healing process for a reframe into the context of interdependence and oneness.”

– Read more on Compassion by Patricia Anne Davis

Patricia accepts honorariums, workshop tuition, consultant and training fees, Ceremonial Monetary Offerings for individual, family and group.  Another way to support Patricia’s work in a win-win situation is to order a one of a kind designer Ceremonial  Shawl.

PAD prayer shawlsPatricia’s ceremonial name translates to “peacemaker” or “one who greets others with peace”. She has spent a lifetime learning and practicing healing knowledge and processes as taught by her father, who was a medicine person healing three generations of people in ceremonies. Patricia earned a BA in Psychology from the University of AZ and an MA in Whole System Design, the language and techniques of creative change, from the Center for Creative Change at the Antioch University in Seattle, WA.

Gold Star Meditation, part one of three: Preparation

Gold Star Meditation for the Grounding of the Altai Energy into the Earth

Altai Rainbow

Altai Rainbow


Sit in the chair with both feet flat on the floor and your spine straight.

Place your hands over your solar plexus with the right hand over the left hand over the solar plexus in the curve of the ribcage.  Place your left thumb over your right thumb in low point of the sternum.

Close your eyes and allow your breathing to become rhythmic by counting the in-breath and the out-breath.  Remember that the whole universe has the same in-breath and out-breath vibration and impulse.

You can focus your in -breath by counting “one” in and out “two.” “One” is in your nose and “two” is out your mouth, so that you are maximizing the intake of O2 and expelling CO2 out your mouth.  You don’t want to do this too fast or too slowly.

The whole key to any healing —to any spiritual work—is through breathing.  It’s to quiet your physical, emotive, mental, and spiritual bodies—your sheath, your well being—to a rhythmic in-breath and out-breath.

These are the mechanics of a safe way to close your electrical circuits within your body, so only you have access to the energy within your spiritual self, within your Ring-pass-not, which is your own soul.  The Ring-pass-not  I describe to you as a geometrical symbol of your physical body, which is a five-pointed gold star.

Begin Gold Star Meditation:

Gold is the color of replenishment.

Doing this practice on a daily basis (20-30 min/day) strengthens and aligns a person’s thinking processes with revelation which, of course, is the purpose of meditation: to still the mind and be still to listen to what is called “the voice of silence.”   What does your own soul have to say to you?  That is the place at which human beings can work with the divine beings.  That is the point of light that is the mediator.

A gold soul star is a mediator between the diamond crystal soul, which is the true self (or the light body), and the personality.

Over time the monkey mind or chatter mind, left-brain thinking will eventually quiet and will engage the right brain.  It is very helpful, health-wise and spiritually, to restore whole-brain thinking.  And with this method you will sense the point in time at which you engage the left and right brain, and whole-brain thinking begins to flow spontaneously and synergetically.

When whole-brain thinking is flowing spontaneously and synergetically, you can take the focus of your thinking 8-10 inches above your head to the gold soul star.  You can sense it, you can feel it, and you can see this luminous, iridescent gold.

This gold is an esoteric color that has all the colors in it.  It is a replenishing color, in the five pointed gold star.  It is a place to not only replenish oneself, but to do healing by invoking one’s soul star to another person.  Doing healing at that level is outside of time and space.

By just the fact that one is breathing rhythmically and focused on the soul star, one  is in a place to work with the divine beings and the universe in what is called the etheric network.  (The etheric network has nothing to do with the astral plane, the astral plane is not a spiritual place, it is just the thoughts and feelings and patterns of humanity over historical times that need to be redeemed and cleaned up.)

Practice this preparation until you are comfortable in your body, breathing smoothly and have a clear connection to the gold star radiating above your head. 

It is recommended that you do this several times a day for a few days before adding in the next phases of the meditation.  Being familiar with this posture, breathing and visualization will allow it to be a touchstone for you to return to  throughout the day.  During the gold star meditation, this sense of yourself will be the starting point for connecting with the High Mountain Grid and the High Frequency Energies transmitting from Altai.

Part Two:  Affirm, Intend, Visualize and Manifest using the United Intention for the Altai Fellowship.   To affirm is to know the truth of this work, to trust the truth of this work. 

Part Three:  Self Replenishment and healing.  Grounding and Anchoring the High Frequency energies into the Earth.

As of July 30, the Altai Fellowship is now steeped in the High Frequency energies and transmitting to those who are grounding the meditation.  This energy will continue to increase in intensity throughout the lunar waxing and peak with a global event on August 13th with participating grounding groups worldwide.  To learn more and participate, please visit:

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary


Video: True Abundance through Healing and Peacemaking

Patricia Anne Davis talks about how to choose the path of healing and abundance. As a Navajo wisdom-keeper, she has been initiated to help people to walk the path of goodness and beauty according to the natural order.

Transcript below.

[Navajo greeting] All my relatives, my name is Patricia Anne Davis.  My maternal grandparents are the Mississippi band of Choctaw.  My paternal grandparents are the Kea’ahni of the Navajo nation.

I have been stewarding a body of knowledge for a lifetime.

I am the 11th child of 12 and the youngest daughter of an authentic medicine person who gave over 40 years of healing services to 3 generations of people.  He initiated me into his healing ways when I was 8 years old.

I would like to describe this process and simplify it by saying that it is a healing process that leads to curing.  I have been speaking and teaching and healing people for many, many years as well as working in health and human services: in behavioral health in and mental health and social services .  We can call it wellness restoration.  It leads to curing which is a re-balancing.  It is not a coping process.

All healing takes place in thinking.

There are only two intentions, one is destructive and death producing choices and one is constructive and life affirming choices. So when we think about our own ways of giving information to our body, we can give our body wrong information or we can give our body correct information.  So, the healing process is very simple in that way.  It is a decision.

It is a decision to say yes to constructive and life affirming choices and to say no to destructive and death producing choices.

There is no secret, there is nothing hidden.  Healing is beautiful and profound.  Healing takes place at a level of communication with our sacred identity, our sacred self.  We are all a precious child of creator because our body is made of Earth, 98% Water, Fire is temperature and this Air is the holy creator’s breath.

So, I understand that the perfect peace and love of creator is radiated to the physical sun which radiates to the plant kingdom and that’s how we are breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.  It is the miracle of photosynthesis. And in this way, the Earth, Water Fire and Air which makes up our body, is in harmony and balance with the Earth, Water Fire and Air in the universe.

So we are in it and it is within us.

To remember and awaken to this true knowledge is the whole purpose of ceremony.  It is to identify the obstacles and root cause that keep us in an out-of-balance condition.  When we undo thinking that tells our body wrong information, Like all of the diseases that occur in our body, it is only energy, stagnant energy.  And where [the energy] goes and what happens when we name it and identify it tells us exactly what the spiritual lesson is.

For example, Cancer is the profound need to change one’s thinking.  And diabetes is the consequence of experiencing no sweetness in life.  So these are briefly a description of the Native American concepts that I teach and I use in the four phases of healing that is called Blessingway.

Currently I offer one-on-one ceremony, group ceremony (that means a small group or larger groups).  The group ceremony can be the topic that the group has agreed upon.  The one-on-one individual is for the concerns or the sickness that the persona is experiencing.  And then a smaller ceremony is also a one-on-one ceremony where each person gets individual attention and that is probably maximum 5 people in one setting. [or a whole family]

I have translated concepts from the Navajo language that describe answers to the questions: 

What is healing? 

How does it happen in our body? 

How do we experience it?  

This is coming from indigenous wisdom and knowledge where the container for understanding who we are in the universe, our sacred place in the universe is what I call the Natural Order.  The natural order is the laws of nature, like gravity and women give birth to a child.  It is not religion, it is not theory, it is not philosophy.

This healing process does not require a conversion process, it does not require taking away and replacing.  That was the original condition of colonialism that happened to American Indians.  And we are now, in this century and in these times of awakening the conscience, breaking the silence about who we are and what we know.

We are helping the planet and humanity to re-balance, to reconnect, and to re-harmonize with creator and within ourselves and with others.

That is power within to have powerwith and that eliminates the need to have powerover.  That means that we know ourselves and our sacredness in which we reclaim all of the gifts that we need to use for our collective survival.  We will benefit by them, our family will benefit, our community will benefit.  This is the affirmative thinking system.  In the affirmative thinking system. we are affirming abundance.  What is this abundance?  It is peacemaking with the creator.

True Abundance:

In peacemaking, the love energy will flow from the good will to our thinking and our heart, to our actions in the world.

We call that walking in goodness and beauty or living the loving way as a way of life.  A way of life means that the information has been given through generation after generation for win-win decisions.. This means that we have learned that win-lose situations eventually end up as no-win for everyone.

In the process of naming the out-of-balance condition we make sure that there is a safe environment where a person can name what is out-of-balance, discover the root cause and uncover the obstacles that keep a person trapped in a thinking system that is destructive. That thinking system which is destructive to the person as well as the planet

Many people in other places in the world really love American Indians.  They want to learn how to reconnect with with nature.  And nature and creator are really the same thing.  I welcome you to check out my website and find out more.

Thank you, [in Navajo]
Patricia Anne Davis.

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

Poem: Beautiful Child


Beautiful Children, we are

All of us
From the EAST, born spiritually holy
Created of the air, fire, water and earth with divine light and love

Beautiful Youth, we are
All of us
From the SOUTH, we learn how to make a living to travel in life

Beautiful Parents, we are
All of us
From the WEST, we gather to celebrate spiritual family love
our fireplace, hearth and home in ceremony

Beautiful Grandparents, we are
All of us
From the NORTH, we renew
SELF-Reverence and Reverence for Mother Earth and Father Sky

Beautiful people, we are
All of us
Traveling the four corn-pollen footsteps with all our relatives
All is created in beauty

Patricia Anne Davis, MA – Whole System Designer, specializing in peacemaking leadership

Walking in Beauty

Walking in Beauty: “hozho naasha”

The four cardinal directions principles defined below are the “beauty way path” in the sense that beauty exists within us and around us as the light reflects through a rainbow.  The symbol of the rainbow is our sovereign communication with creator.

The principles placed within the four cardinal directions are blessingway teaching translated to English as “the four corn-pollen footsteps”: child-youth-adult-elder.

hozho” – means “natural order.”  The term natural order is temporal time, cardinal directions, cycles of seasons correlated with principles placed in the four cardinal directions for a life journey:

  • EAST – child: sunrise-spring-spiritual moral standards for living
  • SOUTH – youth: noon-summer-learning/work/transportation
  • WEST – parent: sunset-autumn-family/home/story-telling/ceremony
  • NORTH – grandparent: midnight-winter-SELF-reverence/reverence for the natural order/hope/restoring resources
  • CENTER: fireplace/hearth of home – spiritual family love

Once one has experienced a ceremonial change process to correct the state of dis-ease/disease, their journey is in the natural order.  Then we are  living the loving way, in right relationship to the elements of the four cardinal directions.  When we travel through life in this way we are walking in beauty.

Learn more about these blessingway healings:

Co-Creative Solutions

“Co-creative solutions” means manifesting power within, from creator, that radiates love for ourselves in order to have power with others and eliminates the need for power over.

The spiritual lessen of self-betrayal of our spiritual SELF-identity is corrected by loving the creator the way the creator love us.  Then we can love ourselves the way creator loves us.  Only then can we love others the way creator loves us and the way we love ourselves.  Love must be received and given in this order from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

The context of the co-creative solution begins in the Navajo term “hozho” – meaning “natural order.”  The term natural order is temporal time, cardinal directions, cycles of seasons correlated with principles placed in the four cardinal directions for a life journey:

  • EAST – child: sunrise-spring-spiritual moral standards for living
  • SOUTH – youth: noon-summer-learning/work/transportation
  • WEST – parent: sunset-autumn-family/home/story-telling/ceremony
  • NORTH – grandparent: midnight-winter-SELF-reverence/reverence for the natural order/hope/restoring resources
  • CENTER: fireplace/hearth of home – spiritual family love

The spiritual lesson in these crisis times and awakening of the conscience is that win-lose decisions create no-win for everyone.  Thus, each person is requested to learn why and how to make decisions for win-win, away from destructive and death-producing choices, toward constructive and life-affirming choices.

Win-win decision making” is discovering and using one’s gifts for collective survival.  Every person’s inherent gift supports another person’s survival.  Every person can give healthy expression to their gifts and everyone benefits by the healthy expression of each person using their creative imagination for collective survival.

To bring a person out of the Inverse thinking system of Dis-Ease/Disease and into a Wellbeing Continuum, we must co-create wellness using an Affirmative thinking system;  we must undo a deficient self image by co-creating life-affirming choices utilizing our sacred-SELF intellect.

To move out of the abyss of coping, we use a healing process that cures the co-opted self that is created by the allopathic disease orientation.  The co-creative solution is discovered using an Affirmative thinking system that can be applied to everyday life situations.

Learn more about these blessingway healings:

Purpose of My Travel to Altai Siberia, Russia

I am an authentic Indigenous medicine person by tribal lineage, initiation, training and experience. I was previously invited to travel to Altai Siberia, Russia a few years ago, but that trip for cross-cultural exchange was cancelled. In the years between then and now, I have actively participated in Altai Mir University fundraising events, for the Indigenous Altai people’s intention for maintaining their aboriginal land status, in a small but powerful way. Also, I facilitated a spiritual connecting ceremony with the land and people of Altai and with the organizers and sponsors of this upcoming trip.

I am a person who has held wisdom and knowledge for a lifetime regarding a universal process of healing that leads to curing, not coping at any level, including cosmic-planetary interaction with divine beings who are the guiders of humanity. In this light, the timing for me to travel to Altai is appropriate to fulfilling worldwide Indigenous prophesies about re-balancing spiritual human intention within the natural order for accelerating a remembering and reawakening to harmonious living on mother earth for collective survival.

Learn more about the Altai Fellowship HERE

Coming to Seattle June/July 2011

Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh

Patricia Anne Davis

Navajo Wisdom Keeper

Healing – Teaching – Consultations

Available in person in Seattle a limited time

 before leaving for Siberia to join the Altai Fellowship in Sacred Ceremony  in August

Wealthcare & Lovecurrency* – Consultant & Trainer
Native American Concepts – Indigenous Medicine Practitioner

walking in beauty & living the loving way
Please make appointments by Cell: 206.778.6721
CEO- Community Educator & Organizer
Patricia Anne Davis, BA Psych, MA Whole System Design
Specializing in peacemaking leadership
*Joseph Trinh: “My hope for America is that love can be a currency for spiritual healing and abundance”

Navajo Prayer Shawls from Patricia Anne Davis

We are thrilled that sufficient funds have been donated to purchase air tickets for Navajo wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis to join us in Altai this summer. We are still working on in-country travel funds for her, however. This trip begins the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Patricia.

In a win/win opportunity, Patricia is offering her own gorgeous, handmade Navajo prayer shawls, your purchase of which will support her travel in Altai.  The custom-made shawls start at $100. See photos of samples below. Patricia can be contacted at or Cell: 206.778.6721