The Co-creative Solution

Manifesting powerwithin, from creator

The context of the co-creative solution begins in the Navajo term “hozho” – meaning “natural order.”  The term natural order is temporal time, cardinal directions, cycles of seasons correlated with principles placed in the four cardinal directions for a life journey:

  • EAST – child: sunrise-spring-spiritual moral standards for living
  • SOUTH – youth: noon-summer-learning/work/transportation
  • WEST – parent: sunset-autumn-family/home/story-telling/ceremony
  • NORTH – grandparent: midnight-winter-SELF-reverence/reverence for the natural order/hope/restoring resources
  • CENTER: fireplace/hearth of home – spiritual family love

Powerwithin radiates love for ourselves in order to have powerwith others and eliminates the need for powerover.

The spiritual lessen of self-betrayal of our spiritual SELF-identity is corrected by loving the creator the way the creator love us.  Then we can love ourselves the way creator loves us.  Only then can we love others the way creator loves us and the way we love ourselves.  Love must be received and given in this order from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

Win-win decision making

The spiritual lesson in these crisis times and awakening of the conscience is that win-lose decisions create no-win for everyone.  Thus, each person is requested to learn why and how to make decisions for win-win, away from destructive and death-producing choices, toward constructive and life-affirming choices.

Win-win decision making” is discovering and using one’s gifts for collective survival.  Every person’s inherent gift supports another person’s survival.  Every person can give healthy expression to their gifts and everyone benefits by the healthy expression of each person using their creative imagination for collective survival.

To bring a person out of the Inverse thinking system of Dis-Ease/Disease and into a Wellbeing Continuum, we must co-create wellness using an Affirmative thinking system;  we must undo a deficient self image by co-creating life-affirming choices utilizing our sacred-SELF intellect.

To move out of the abyss of coping, we use a healing process that cures the co-opted self that is created by the allopathic disease orientation.  The co-creative solution is discovered using an Affirmative thinking system that can be applied to everyday life situations.

Learn more about these blessingway concepts:

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department

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