What is Lovecurrency*?

When living the loving way as a way of life, our identity is experienced through our spiritual family love and our holy relationship.  Lovecurrency is a synergistic and exponential effect of using powerwithin, from creator, to have powerwith others.

This social medicine is experienced as the act of being loved and of loving others.

*Joseph Trinh: “My hope for America is that love can be a currency for spiritual healing and abundance”

A lovecurrency embassy is a place for learning and healing with these principles beneficial to individual, family and community.

Blessingway for living the loving way:

  • wealthcare for abundant living
  • lifejourney for peacemaking
  • PpOW-WwOW TIME for healthyhelping
  • Reverent Revolution for restoring resources
  • lovecurrency for compassionate living

Literature Reference:
The term “Indigenous science”# was coined by Pamela Colorado and refers to a reverent way of being, knowing, thinking and living in synchronicity within the natural order.  The holographic thinking system is within the natural order.

The purpose of a lovecurrency embassy concept design is to teach these principles for manifesting cooperation and peacemaking as a way of life:

  • Envision – seeing
  • Conceptualize – thinking
  • Dialoguing – talking
  • Manifesting – doing


  • lovecurrency: living the loving way as a way of life; compassionate love in holy relationships.  An exponential synergetic process expressed in compassionate living.  A cascading and exponential synergistic effect of powerwithin for powerwith others.  Social medicine experienced as holographic holistic wellbeing.
  • Indigenous: the elemental holographic holistic constitution of people:

AIR-spiritual; FIRE-intellect; WATER-emotive; EARTH; physical; CORN- social and economic wellbeing.

  • Embassy: German, ambaht – service#
  • Indigenous: sacred-SELF
  • lovecurrency embassy = sacred-SELF service: a metaphorical concept for creating a sacredspace for training adult mentors of youth as Peace Ambassadors.  A sacredplace designed for the awakening of the sacred-SELF intellect for service in the world; and, a sacredplace to discover our inherent gift for giving healthy expression to our gift.  The healthy expression of our gift is benefited by community who rewards us.
  • natural order: temporal time, cardinal directions, cycles of seasons correlated with principles placed in the four cardinal directions for a persons life journey:

EAST – child: sunrise-spring-spiritual standards for living

SOUTH – youth: noon-summer-learning/work/transportation

WEST – parent: sunset-autumn-family-home

NORTH – grandparent: midnight-winter-reverence/hope

CENTER – fireplace-hearth-heart for compassionate love

  • holistic-SELF refers to the intra-personal and inter-personal combined in a continuum for awakening to powerwithin to have powerwith others.
  • The holographic holistic thinking system is the holistic-SELF using the sacred-SELF intellect within the natural order as different from dualistic thinking.
  • sacredspace: an internal space for reflection to rediscover an inherent gift.
  • sacredplace: an external place for co-creative interaction to give healthy expression to an inherent gift.

Context: hozho natural order
Wisdom &knowledge-symbol-language-holy thinking-voice-words
The context for facilitating a ceremonial change process is hozho, an all encompassing concept of holiness and wholeness without competing collectivities and ideologies.  The context of the natural order in hozho is represented by a symbol – a circle with an opening in the east direction with one inner circle moving counterclockwise representing the female nurturer gender life task; and an outer circle moving clockwise representing the protector-provider gender life task.  These two circles can also be rearranged into a figure eight, the Infiniti symbol, which could further be combined into one circle, the eternity symbol.  Everyone must have a language in order to think in that language.  Whole-brain thinking is holy thinking and clear congruent thinking, synonymous with the sacred-SELF intellect.  Thus, voice gives expression to the creator’s holy breath through living words.  This continuum is a holographic holistic thinking system.

The creator’s holy breath is the miracle of photosynthesis.  In the miracle of photosynthesis plants give us oxygen to breath and plants absorb the carbon-dioxide we exhale.  Perfect love and peace from creator radiates to the physical sun.  Sunrays radiate to the plants and we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the plants in the miracle of photosynthesis.  This is the creator’s holy breath that gives life and voice to spoken living words.  Voice expresses the sacred-SELF intellect through holy thinking.

How this process works: creator informs the Real-SELF who informs the sacred-SELF for powerwithin to have powerwith others through an Indigenous ceremonial change process.

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department

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