Student Reflections: Through crystal clear language Patricia delivers pure messages of healing, love, responsibility, awareness and vibrational raising through reasoning

I first spoke to Patricia Anne Davis in September 2015. We completed our first Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process over the phone. During our conversation she explained the way we build our realities out of the language we use amongst many other deeply moving truths. Her own control and understanding of the English language is remarkable, expressed with laser point precision and accuracy unlike anything I have ever experienced in my time on the planet. Patricia’s word choice, usage and sequencing cut through the dualistic programming and conditioning we are bombarded with and drugged on everyday by the media and modern American culture. Her crystal clear language is vehicle by which she delivers pure messages of healing, love, responsibility, awareness and vibrational raising through reasoning. This reasoning with conscience is innate quality at the core in all of mankind. Patricia’s explanation of this is so refreshing in a world of scapegoats, buck passing and all around pandemic irresponsibility of our own decision-making. By her understanding of true genuine Native knowledge, these and many other truths, teachings and awareness are at your fingertips. I couldn’t encourage anyone more to reach out to Patricia and experience the power of her word and messages. We are blessed to have a great living Native teacher among us.

For peace, with love, unending gratitude for your continued work,

Ian McElroy: MC, musician, poet,

Ian McElroy

Ian McElroy

Video: True Abundance through Healing and Peacemaking

Patricia Anne Davis talks about how to choose the path of healing and abundance. As a Navajo wisdom-keeper, she has been initiated to help people to walk the path of goodness and beauty according to the natural order.

Transcript below.

[Navajo greeting] All my relatives, my name is Patricia Anne Davis.  My maternal grandparents are the Mississippi band of Choctaw.  My paternal grandparents are the Kea’ahni of the Navajo nation.

I have been stewarding a body of knowledge for a lifetime.

I am the 11th child of 12 and the youngest daughter of an authentic medicine person who gave over 40 years of healing services to 3 generations of people.  He initiated me into his healing ways when I was 8 years old.

I would like to describe this process and simplify it by saying that it is a healing process that leads to curing.  I have been speaking and teaching and healing people for many, many years as well as working in health and human services: in behavioral health in and mental health and social services .  We can call it wellness restoration.  It leads to curing which is a re-balancing.  It is not a coping process.

All healing takes place in thinking.

There are only two intentions, one is destructive and death producing choices and one is constructive and life affirming choices. So when we think about our own ways of giving information to our body, we can give our body wrong information or we can give our body correct information.  So, the healing process is very simple in that way.  It is a decision.

It is a decision to say yes to constructive and life affirming choices and to say no to destructive and death producing choices.

There is no secret, there is nothing hidden.  Healing is beautiful and profound.  Healing takes place at a level of communication with our sacred identity, our sacred self.  We are all a precious child of creator because our body is made of Earth, 98% Water, Fire is temperature and this Air is the holy creator’s breath.

So, I understand that the perfect peace and love of creator is radiated to the physical sun which radiates to the plant kingdom and that’s how we are breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.  It is the miracle of photosynthesis. And in this way, the Earth, Water Fire and Air which makes up our body, is in harmony and balance with the Earth, Water Fire and Air in the universe.

So we are in it and it is within us.

To remember and awaken to this true knowledge is the whole purpose of ceremony.  It is to identify the obstacles and root cause that keep us in an out-of-balance condition.  When we undo thinking that tells our body wrong information, Like all of the diseases that occur in our body, it is only energy, stagnant energy.  And where [the energy] goes and what happens when we name it and identify it tells us exactly what the spiritual lesson is.

For example, Cancer is the profound need to change one’s thinking.  And diabetes is the consequence of experiencing no sweetness in life.  So these are briefly a description of the Native American concepts that I teach and I use in the four phases of healing that is called Blessingway.

Currently I offer one-on-one ceremony, group ceremony (that means a small group or larger groups).  The group ceremony can be the topic that the group has agreed upon.  The one-on-one individual is for the concerns or the sickness that the persona is experiencing.  And then a smaller ceremony is also a one-on-one ceremony where each person gets individual attention and that is probably maximum 5 people in one setting. [or a whole family]

I have translated concepts from the Navajo language that describe answers to the questions: 

What is healing? 

How does it happen in our body? 

How do we experience it?  

This is coming from indigenous wisdom and knowledge where the container for understanding who we are in the universe, our sacred place in the universe is what I call the Natural Order.  The natural order is the laws of nature, like gravity and women give birth to a child.  It is not religion, it is not theory, it is not philosophy.

This healing process does not require a conversion process, it does not require taking away and replacing.  That was the original condition of colonialism that happened to American Indians.  And we are now, in this century and in these times of awakening the conscience, breaking the silence about who we are and what we know.

We are helping the planet and humanity to re-balance, to reconnect, and to re-harmonize with creator and within ourselves and with others.

That is power within to have powerwith and that eliminates the need to have powerover.  That means that we know ourselves and our sacredness in which we reclaim all of the gifts that we need to use for our collective survival.  We will benefit by them, our family will benefit, our community will benefit.  This is the affirmative thinking system.  In the affirmative thinking system. we are affirming abundance.  What is this abundance?  It is peacemaking with the creator.

True Abundance:

In peacemaking, the love energy will flow from the good will to our thinking and our heart, to our actions in the world.

We call that walking in goodness and beauty or living the loving way as a way of life.  A way of life means that the information has been given through generation after generation for win-win decisions.. This means that we have learned that win-lose situations eventually end up as no-win for everyone.

In the process of naming the out-of-balance condition we make sure that there is a safe environment where a person can name what is out-of-balance, discover the root cause and uncover the obstacles that keep a person trapped in a thinking system that is destructive. That thinking system which is destructive to the person as well as the planet

Many people in other places in the world really love American Indians.  They want to learn how to reconnect with with nature.  And nature and creator are really the same thing.  I welcome you to check out my website and find out more.

Thank you, [in Navajo]
Patricia Anne Davis.

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

Blessingway Ceremonial Principles

The Blessingway

by Patricia Anne Davis

To explain the blessing way, spiritual-cultural concepts are translated from the Dineh language into appropriate English descriptions to convey universal health and healing concepts from Dineh oral tradition.

Blessingwayhozhooji: a ceremony to awaken one to natural order (hozho); choosing constructive and life-affirming choices; healing from intentions and decisions that destroy oneself and others.

Navajo ceremonies do not require a conversion process of taking away the precious child within the natural order, and replacing this spiritual SELF-identity with a deficient self-image that has to be re-mediated to some desired end state of progress.

Once awakened to the natural order, we begin living the loving wayhozhooji: literal translation of the blessingway ceremony as translated by my paternal aunt. It is a way of living in reverent revolution, of making decisions that are constructive and life affirming.

Two main ceremonies: Protectionway and Blessingway

These two main ceremonies offer protection from contaminants like the maladaptive emotions of hate, jealousy, anger, guilt, fear, etc. and toxins from the environment.

Five major ceremonies: As five-fingered people, this corresponds to five major ceremonies that every child in the world could benefit by.

  1. Blessingway: the blessing way honors the divine feminine as a nurturer.
  2. Protectionway: divine masculine as a protector-provider.
  3. Purification and cleansing: numerous with specific names for specific purposes.
  4. Spiritual renewal: a nine-day ceremony for spiritual renewal.
  5. Journey to spirit world: the ceremony for a person on their journey to the spirit world.
The Journey Through the Four Worlds

The Navajo creation story speaks about the people traveling through four worlds into the current world from the place of emergence within the four sacred mountains.  This represents the concept that there is one mother of us all because our body is composed of earth.

The word for mountain is the same word for spiritual strength.  Every child is born through the water and through the birth canal.  The element of fire is our temperature and we inhale and exhale with the creator’s holy breath.  This air originates from the physical sun and radiates to the trees where we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

The miracle of life that we call photosynthesis is what Navajos call the creator’s holy breath.  We are instructed to use this holy breath for speaking living words that heal.  This is why our medicine people are called “singers”.  They sing a person back to balance, harmony with creator, themselves and others within the natural order.

The journey through the four worlds was required to restore balance and harmony from misusing life energy for destructive and death-producing choices.  There is a consequence in violating the natural order.  This is not punishment, condemnation or judgment, just consequence and a message to correct the out-of-balance life condition.

Dis-ease/Disease-                    *Wellbeing Continuum

Inverse Thinking System          *Affirmative Thinking System
Deficient self image                     *Sacred-SELF intellect
Allopathic                                      *Holographic holistic thinking
Abyss – Co-opt – Coping –        *Healing Process – Curing –

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

Indigenous Science

What is indigenous science?

The term “Indigenous Science” was coined by Pamela Colorado and refers to a reverent way of knowing and living within the interrelatedness between people and the natural order of all creation. The term indigenous science was coined to convey a different way of thinking than western science.  It is designed for a spiritual awakening experience into a female gender nurturer life task through the four phases of a healing ceremony.

Pamela Colorado is the founder of the World Indigenous Science Network (WISN) and is an Oneida Indian.  Oneida means “people of reality.”  She says of “Native people, we look at life differently.  Even the way we come to knowledge and present that knowledge is totally different from the Western way.”  This is how she describes Indigenous science:

“Native science is a way of bringing people to a higher knowledge and one of its goals is to bring us to the Gii Lai – ‘the still quiet place’.  In other words, our religion and our spirituality are built into our science.”

Dineh spirituality is the science of light-love-life-nature in one integrated concept.  The will-to-love, peace, beauty and joy within our Affirmative thinking system and within the universe is called hozho.

We acknowledge the “holy people.”  They are our ancestors in Dineh oral tradition.  Nelson Gorman, Jr. the Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council wrote in the Preface of the Navajo Code:

“We must not forget the Navajo customs and traditions which are unwritten.  Long before the Europeans arrived as newcomers, the Navajo people were living according to the laws, the rules, and the prayers taught to them by the Holy People, laws that brought order, beauty, peace, and harmony to the People and their world.”

I thank my grandparents and parents for their loving songs and prayers for me.  Dineh ceremonies are our way of knowing.

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary

Natural Order as an Open Social System

Patricia's Graphic for the Ceremonial Change Process

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To the left, you will find a graphic representation of the transcendence that occurs when the Closed System of Disease that is designed for failure is re-framed into the Open system of the Natural Order during the Ceremonial Change Process.

The first thing to understand about the Navajo language is that it is spoken in an Affirmative thinking system within the natural order as described in the examples of time and cardinal direction correlated with blessing way principles moving clockwise.

Typically, English is spoken symbolically in a triangle and in a different thinking system.  It is in the context of hierarchy, patriarchy and describes everyone in their deficient self-image, which must be remediated into some end-state of civilization or enlightenment.

English is abstract.  It is a trade and commerce language.  Navajo is descriptive and exact.  Therefore, healing ceremonies are exact and actual in the natural order, which is not religion, philosophy or theory.

There are four phases to every healing process that leads to curing, not coping.  Before defining them, one must know that the healing process does not exist in the English language thinking system, but it can be described to convey the integrity of the sacred meaning of Navajo words.

The term “Navajo” is an imposed name.  We Dineh have several spiritual names that identify us to the creator as a precious child of divine creation, made of earth-physical, water-emotive, fire-mental and air-spiritual.  Corn is the symbol of food as social medicine within the economic relationships of the clan system.  Our spiritual names are inclusive and universal in application to all people. One name is “earth-surface people”, another is “five-fingered” people and another is the affirmation: “I am a precious child of creator”.

Consequences of Closed System Thinking

When a person makes decisions that are destructive and death-producing, this is considered misuse of thinking by using thinking for what it is not for.  All ceremonies correct erroneous thinking that “tell” the body wrong information.  Every out-of-balance condition is a consequence of saying “yes” to destructive and death-producing choices and saying “no” to constructive and life-affirming choices.

When a person denies the unifying principle that all creation is Inter-related, this is “stress”.  All of the diseases are a consequence of denying our oneness with the creator’s will-to-love.  All Navajo healing ceremonies reawaken a person to their true spiritual Self-identity as a precious child of creator made of the four sacred  elements: air-spiritual; fire-mental; water-emotive; earth-physical body.  When any one of these elements is out of balance, there is dis-ease with creator’s will-to-love that manifests as disease.

Living Hozho, in the Natural Order

The Navajo language is a spiritual language spoken with living words that manifest vibrations for affirming truth in the laws of nature or the natural order of time and direction from East-thinking, West-planning, South-decision making for collective survival and North-equity in restoring resources to the next generation moving clockwise within temporal time and cardinal direction.

For example: sunrise, mid-day, sunset, mid-night; spring, summer, fall, winter; child, youth, adult, and elder.  Also, white people, red people, yellow people and black people, all born equal in the sacred circle of life within the holiness and wholeness of hozho.  There is no concept of separation from creator or from the natural order.  There is only the principle of making constructive and life-affirming choices.


What is Lovecurrency*?

When living the loving way as a way of life, our identity is experienced through our spiritual family love and our holy relationship.  Lovecurrency is a synergistic and exponential effect of using power within, from creator, to have power with others.

This social medicine is experienced as the act of being loved and of loving others.

*Joseph Trinh: “My hope for America is that love can be a currency for spiritual healing and abundance”

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Walking in Beauty

Walking in Beauty: “hozho naasha”

The four cardinal directions principles defined below are the “beauty way path” in the sense that beauty exists within us and around us as the light reflects through a rainbow.  The symbol of the rainbow is our sovereign communication with creator.

The principles placed within the four cardinal directions are blessingway teaching translated to English as “the four corn-pollen footsteps”: child-youth-adult-elder.

hozho” – means “natural order.”  The term natural order is temporal time, cardinal directions, cycles of seasons correlated with principles placed in the four cardinal directions for a life journey:

  • EAST – child: sunrise-spring-spiritual moral standards for living
  • SOUTH – youth: noon-summer-learning/work/transportation
  • WEST – parent: sunset-autumn-family/home/story-telling/ceremony
  • NORTH – grandparent: midnight-winter-SELF-reverence/reverence for the natural order/hope/restoring resources
  • CENTER: fireplace/hearth of home – spiritual family love

Once one has experienced a ceremonial change process to correct the state of dis-ease/disease, their journey is in the natural order.  Then we are  living the loving way, in right relationship to the elements of the four cardinal directions.  When we travel through life in this way we are walking in beauty.

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What is Wealthcare?

There is an all encompassing concept of holiness and wholeness within the organic natural order context from an Indigenous language worldview  simplified here:

Interpersonal  –  powerwithin

  • Air:      Spiritual
  • Fire:     Mental
  • Water: Emotive
  • Earth:   Physical

Intrapersonal  –  powerwith

  • Corn symbol: social/economic well-being.

The above description of organic unity expresses individuality interrelated within the universal laws of nature where no deficient self-image can exist.  When the spiritual SELF-identity is denied, a dis-ease condition results in the many  manifested diseases.  The concept of understanding health as our true wealth for productive and creative living is the strategy and content of wealthcare concepts within a natural order context.

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Co-Creative Solutions

“Co-creative solutions” means manifesting power within, from creator, that radiates love for ourselves in order to have power with others and eliminates the need for power over.

The spiritual lessen of self-betrayal of our spiritual SELF-identity is corrected by loving the creator the way the creator love us.  Then we can love ourselves the way creator loves us.  Only then can we love others the way creator loves us and the way we love ourselves.  Love must be received and given in this order from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

The context of the co-creative solution begins in the Navajo term “hozho” – meaning “natural order.”  The term natural order is temporal time, cardinal directions, cycles of seasons correlated with principles placed in the four cardinal directions for a life journey:

  • EAST – child: sunrise-spring-spiritual moral standards for living
  • SOUTH – youth: noon-summer-learning/work/transportation
  • WEST – parent: sunset-autumn-family/home/story-telling/ceremony
  • NORTH – grandparent: midnight-winter-SELF-reverence/reverence for the natural order/hope/restoring resources
  • CENTER: fireplace/hearth of home – spiritual family love

The spiritual lesson in these crisis times and awakening of the conscience is that win-lose decisions create no-win for everyone.  Thus, each person is requested to learn why and how to make decisions for win-win, away from destructive and death-producing choices, toward constructive and life-affirming choices.

Win-win decision making” is discovering and using one’s gifts for collective survival.  Every person’s inherent gift supports another person’s survival.  Every person can give healthy expression to their gifts and everyone benefits by the healthy expression of each person using their creative imagination for collective survival.

To bring a person out of the Inverse thinking system of Dis-Ease/Disease and into a Wellbeing Continuum, we must co-create wellness using an Affirmative thinking system;  we must undo a deficient self image by co-creating life-affirming choices utilizing our sacred-SELF intellect.

To move out of the abyss of coping, we use a healing process that cures the co-opted self that is created by the allopathic disease orientation.  The co-creative solution is discovered using an Affirmative thinking system that can be applied to everyday life situations.

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A Ceremonial Change Process

Indigenous Wisdom and Knowledge for living the loving way as designed for the Altai Fellowship August 13th 2011 Journey

The Teaching

The following information is organized within the four phases of an authentic Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process.  Authenticity brings authority because truth is the only real power and truth is our protection of all that is sacred.  The current tyranny in the world is being dismantled by the following unifying principle for collective planetary survival: powerwithin is for powerwith others in order to eliminate powerover others. 

Living the loving way, as a way of life, is a reverent revolution that re-frames inequity in resource distribution away from the forced-choice purchasing of the products and services that support the financial rich, into using one’s inherent gifts for the benefit of each person, their family, community and nation from elder to the youth of the next generation.  The spiritual lesson in these crisis times and awakening of the conscience is that win-lose decisions create no-win for everyone.  Thus, each person is requested to learn why and how to make decisions for win-win, away from destructive and death-producing choices, toward constructive and life-affirming choices.

I. Naming the out-of-balance condition

Every human political “Empire” throughout history on the planet earth has been organized to oppress and enslave people within governing and religious organizations designed to delay each person’s remembering and reawakening of a true spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator, because they operate from “Consciousness” that leads to “perception” where reality is relative to their perception. The outcome is polarizing into adversary and conflict, then there is no spiritual morality.

All Indigenous prophesies known for centuries predict that the time of silence and persecution of Indigenous people who have the wisdom and knowledge for healing processes that lead to curing, not coping, has ended in this time of awakening to the Conscience and “breaking silence” of exploitation and victimization by oppression of a person’s soul purpose and life mission.

Core Issue-root cause that maintains the out-of-balance condition
The construct and language of historical political governing and religious organizations are designed to cause delay of one’s remembering and reawakening to their soul purpose and life mission as a precious child of creator. Delay of human service to creator, to SELF and to what is good, beautiful and true for women, children and elders, causes suffering. The male gender life task as protector-provider is corrupted to perpetrator and sexual predator in the home, the community and in the government.

All intentions to misguide, mislead, misinform to create misunderstanding for adversary and conflict by an intention and design of governing and religious organization implementation of win-lose decision-making lead, ultimately, to no-win outcomes for everyone. This is the destructive intention that uses technology and information with brute force, that is currently destroying the four sacred elements on the planet: earth-physical, water-emotive, fire-mental and air-spiritual well being.  Corn is a symbol of social and economic well-being.

II. Emptying the obstacles that maintain the root cause
The divine plan for remembering and reawakening humanity is to restore the knowledge of cooperation and collaboration between spiritual beings and earth humane beings in a partnership for redeeming destructive and death-producing choices and the vibratory
consequences that lead people into the materialistic greed abyss by those who intentionally hoard world resources by controlling thinking processes and manipulating people by fear and guilt.The “new group of world servers” are called to change the vibration on the earth plane to love and peace by learning and teaching the “how to” healing process by making win-win constructive and life-affirming choices.

An awakened person is one who has liberated themselves from their deficient self-image and knows that spiritual awakening does not require a remediation process from that deficient self-image in an Inverse thinking system, where remediation is toward some end state. Every person is already equally fore-given a true spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator.

III. Re-framing the co-creative solutions

The “new group of world servers” that are to meet and organize for “planetary alignment” and “world axis alignment” are fulfilling their soul purpose to ground and anchor spiritual energies from the divine beings who are the guiders of the human race toward a collective remembering and reawakening of their true spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator in order to fulfill the divine plan on earth.

When one reclaims their inherent divinity and they know their sacred place in the universe, they can work with the Indigenous wisdom and knowledge because they understand the unifying principles that operate to eliminate the need for powerover in Empires.

VI. Manifesting Indigenous wisdom and knowledge

A liberated person can access accurate spiritual information by revelation from their own soul and from telepathy from divine beings because they know that the interconnectedness of the etheric network is designed to redeem misqualified energies, held in human destructive intention, back into the light to be used for healing of lies and betrayal.

When we operate in the Affirmative thinking system it is from “Conscience” where Indigenous knowledge and wisdom leads to reality as exact because the context is in the natural order. There is group consensus and spiritual morality in win-win decision making.

V. Life application of win-win decision making for universal practical application of co-creative solutions

We are inspired to restore trust and serve creator, SELF and others with powerwithin to have powerwith the divine in the universe. The way to have powerwithin to have powerwith others for congruent win-win decision making is to intend, visualize, affirm, and manifest win-win constructive and life-affirming choices with a sacred SELF-identity as a precious child of creator.  Living the loving way, as a way of life, is hozhooji in the Navajo language.

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