Student Reflections: Through crystal clear language Patricia delivers pure messages of healing, love, responsibility, awareness and vibrational raising through reasoning

I first spoke to Patricia Anne Davis in September 2015. We completed our first Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process over the phone. During our conversation she explained the way we build our realities out of the language we use amongst many other deeply moving truths. Her own control and understanding of the English language is remarkable, expressed with laser point precision and accuracy unlike anything I have ever experienced in my time on the planet. Patricia’s word choice, usage and sequencing cut through the dualistic programming and conditioning we are bombarded with and drugged on everyday by the media and modern American culture. Her crystal clear language is vehicle by which she delivers pure messages of healing, love, responsibility, awareness and vibrational raising through reasoning. This reasoning with conscience is innate quality at the core in all of mankind. Patricia’s explanation of this is so refreshing in a world of scapegoats, buck passing and all around pandemic irresponsibility of our own decision-making. By her understanding of true genuine Native knowledge, these and many other truths, teachings and awareness are at your fingertips. I couldn’t encourage anyone more to reach out to Patricia and experience the power of her word and messages. We are blessed to have a great living Native teacher among us.

For peace, with love, unending gratitude for your continued work,

Ian McElroy: MC, musician, poet,

Ian McElroy

Ian McElroy

“Remembering the Precious Child” April 17th from 5-7pm at the Convention Center

“Remembering the Precious Child”

with Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper

Scheduled for Tuesday April 17th from 5-7pm at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle

2nd floor South behind the escalators.

This is the third in a series of free lectures by Patricia

You will see that learning is healing and healing is learning within the context of Reframing out of the prevalent “Drama life-script” that includes these players:

Win: Perpetrator – Predator –

Lose: Enabler – Persecutor and Victim.

Each player changes roles among these player life-scripts without being cognizant of changing player roles. Thus, people polarize into adversary and conflict according to these player life-script roles. It is predictable and can be mapped out to a “T”.

People communicate and relate according to these life-scripts because we are all socially engineered and conditioned to win-lose dialogue and decisions based on competition, instead of cooperation and collaboration. People are trapped and entrenched in this Normalized Pathology based on the intention for 1-up (win) and 1-down (lose) or powerover because people have not learned that they have powerwithin to have powerwith others to eliminate the need for powerover.

I Also hope to be at the next “Potluck” to assist in facilitating a Reframe process to dialogue out of Dualism and unhealthy helping (Rescuing/Enabling) into “healthy helping” (win-win decisions) by educating about my Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process as a Leveler and Truth-teller .

I use the tool – Art of making distinctions and reasoning to describe the out-of-balance condition and root cause, in order to educate about the “Drama life-script” terminology and how this applies to the current dialogue; and to, Reframe into Remembering the Precious Child.