Working Together for All – Next Eco Summit in Ashland: June 4th and 5th

Video of Patricia Anne Davis begins at 4:18

Be part of the change!  YOU ARE ESSENTIAL.

The second quarterly Eco Summit is coming to Ashland June 4th and 5th at the Historic Ashland Armory.  Each Eco Summit brings the community together to create a viable future by building on the work of the previous Summits.

Are you concerned about how to improve and support our communities’ emergency preparedness, carbon footprint, food security, economic infrastructure, and social equality?  Are you ready to craft a resilient and regenerative local culture where all life thrives? Do you want to build a world that we are proud to leave for the next generation?
Come spend two days with local policy makers, activists, professionals, business owners, students, teachers, scientists, technologists, and citizens of every age as we discuss and draft blueprints for our ideal Eco City.

The Eco Summit – June 4th and 5th, from 9 am to 6 pm, at the Historical Ashland Armory – Working Together For All.


To become involved, visit

The Eco Summit is always free and all-inclusive.  Download the flyer here:  eco summit flyerNEW

Video: VIRTUAL COUNCIL: Grandma Patricia Anne Davis: Choctaw-Chata/Navajo-Dineh: Life Affirmative Language

Grandma Patricia Anne Davis- Peacekeeper of the Choctaw-Chatah, Navajo/Dineh lineages. As she works her magic as a maestra linguist of native language, skillfully translated to the English language— you are bound to experience every cell of your being lighting up with ancestral memory as she evokes our soul purpose through life affirmative whole brain thinking and being.

Enjoy the ride as she guides us through a menu of subjects around effective communication, females breaking the patriarchal silence, the ceremonial change process, and young people dismantling the current structures. This is a delicious treat to flower the heart, nourish the soul, and blossom the being into our fullest presence on Earth. Get comfortable, connect deeply, and enjoy this special transmission direct from Mother Earth and Father Sky. Haylli!

– Interview through Reviveolution: a global community of indigenous wisdom-sharers, visionaries, and actionaries dedicated to nourishing thriving Human-Earth relationships. 

This Week in Ashland at The Historic Armory and The Haven: Community Healing and Wellness through Universal Indigenous Wisdom by Navajo Ceremonial Lineage Holder, Patricia Anne Davis, MA, ​Choctaw Navajo/Chahta Dineh

After a lifetime of serving through ceremonial healing and teaching, traveling to 9 countries to share this gift, Patricia Anne Davis is delighted to make her first major appearances to Ashland, OR this week.

PAD With Headdress

0516151020Due to a recent health emergency, Patricia’s major Ashland event is a last minute surprise booking for Sunday, May 24th, 12 5pm at the Historic Ashland Armory. She will still be holding her previously scheduled engagement at The Haven in Ashland on Friday, May 22nd, 6 8pm. Both events are by donation.

The Armory event will offer two main time slots with differing areas of focus on Sunday.

12-2pm will be all inclusive focus of life affirming, win win Indigenous wisdom.

3 5pm will focus on veterans of war, people struggling with addiction, and the teaching of balanced relationships.

2 3pm will be potluck, mingling, and tea ceremony. Everyone is welcome to all parts of the day, as everyone will receive something of value for any portion attended.


Events: Friday, May 22nd, 6-8pm The Haven, Ashland Sunday, May 24th, 12-5pm The Historic Ashland Armory, Ashland Patricia offers great care and precision in reframing all distorted perceptions, concepts, systems back into the knowing of our inherent and equal divinity with all nature. She calls this a “curing, as opposed to a coping”, “a universally experienced truth, as opposed to a competing Western philosophy or religion.”

This curing directly relates to all ailments in the physical body, as well as all questions of how we live as humans on this planet. Patricia is also available to be scheduled for one on one or group sessions in the Ashland area now through May 25th. She accepts honorariums, workshop tuition, consultant and training fees, and Ceremonial Monetary Offerings.​​

Another way to support Patricia’s work in a win win situation is to​ ​order a one of a kind designer Ceremonial Shawl. The Armory event will include guest organizations: The Tea Ally,’s The Heart Warrior Project, and others. We welcome groups serving the greater community in win win dynamics to participate in some fashion.

If you have interest to be involved, please contact Will Cooper: ​ The Tea Ally (​​) is a non profit focusing on the power of Tea to support veterans, incarcerated populations, and at risk youth. It’s founder, Joshua Alan Young, will be holding tea ceremony 2 3pm and will share information for his organization’s services.

Interactive Community Discourses and Individual Sessions with Patricia Anne Davis

Co-Creative Situational Leadership:

Learn how to use your co-creative imagination for manifesting whole brain thinking.  Reawaken the power-within your sacred self to remember your sacred place in the natural order and have power-with others in designing co-creative solutions.  The discovery of each person’s inherent gifts can be manifested to promote collective survival by eliminating the need for power-over.

Dismantling “Enemy-Creation” for Peacemaking:

Learn what a peacemaking process is and how to make peace with one’s sacred self and with others.  Restoring harmony and balance between the male and female genders and within the context of the natural order is necessary when culture is entrenched in trans-generational unresolved anger, violence, and war.  The historical justifications for enemy-creation and warmongering are the same for every “Empire” of every age.  The war within a person between soul purpose/life mission and the tyranny of the criminal mind is projected outward and endangers elders, women, and children.  Peacemaking is a co-creative intentional affirmation for Wellness Restoration within a person, family, community and Nation.

Reframing Decision Making from Win-Lose to Win-Win:

We cannot “reform” anything that is morally worng.  Win-lose decision making destroys Humanity, the environment, and our Earth.  An intervention Point is a place to Reframe win-lose decision making into win-win decisions is buildt within our whole brain thinking.  WE must use this faculty for it’s appropriate function to design the co-creative solutions for inter-generational collective survival.  thsi is a values-clarification process to remember and awaken our sacred self in our sacred place in the universe beneficial to everyone interested in productive living.

Individual Sessions Available for:

  • Veteran Recovery, Anger Management, Addiction Counseling

  • Training for Psychologists and Medical Professionals

  • Mediation for Family and Teens

Topics and Individual Sessions led by Patricia Anne Davis, MA inWhole System Design from Antioch University, BA in Psychology from the University of AZ  International Teacher and Traditional Healer, Administrator, Grant Writer, Consultant and Facilitator with 20 years in Health and Human Services in Addiction REcovery, Outpatient Counseling Programs, Volunteering in Federal Corrections, State Prison System and with Urban and Native Community.

Origin and Purpose of the concept “Lovecurrency Embassy” by Ambassador Patricia Anne Davis, MA

I grew up seeing through a specialized lens that my late father made available to me in the ceremonial settings where he did miraculous healings for three generations of people.

He was a lovecurrency embassy Ambassador.  I was an observer-participant learning how our thinking destroys or restores our health and life.  This experience became the foundation for my own healing work around the world.  Thus, the concept of a “lovecurrency embassy” was designed from my continuous life-theme of designing safe and supportive ceremonial places to remember and reawaken to our sacred-SELF in our sacred place in the universe.

I am a lovecurrency embassy Ambassador and anyone can learn to become a lovecurrency embassy Ambassador by understanding that intention, visualization and affirmation manifests the co-creative solutions found through experiencing the four phases of healing in the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process.

As you may know, everywhere in the world people have built an official national government office known as an Embassy for sanctuary and advocacy.  Indigenous people are the most exploited and victimized people but we do not have an Embassy.  For American Indians, such a sacred place is essential for remembering, reawakening and maintaining a spiritual SELF-identity in order to advocate for co-creative solutions
and collective survival.

Indigenous people and American Indians are exiled within our own homeland.  As a conquered people we are considered a people without power and therefore without a voice.  We were taken out of the context of the natural order and conditioned to believe that our only identity is from a deficient self-image. Conversion means to take away and replace.  In the religious conversion process our sacred-SELF at one time was living in balance and harmony within the natural order.  This was taken away by invalidation of the sacred-SELF; then replaced by the deficient self-image in an Inverse thinking system.  The natural order context was made unreal by labeling it as “pagan” and we were forced into claiming the deficient self-image as our identity.  The take away and replace social and religious programming was accomplished through Eurocentric conquering, acculturation and conditioning.

I have translated a Navajo/Dineh concept that means an “offering” to the medicine person who facilitates a healing ceremony to convey the giving and receiving of energy  to restore balance and harmony within and around us.  An offering is an exchange of energy to restore and maintain balance and harmony because life is not all give or all take.  An offering can be food, blankets, jewelry or livestock and in contemporary times it is money understood as a symbol of spiritual energy when intention is used by turning the black side (man-made law) over to the green side (natural order) to  change the context and energy to abundance and not perpetuate “competition or limited resources” and poverty mentality.  This “blesses” your abundance intention.

The concept of “blessing” is an affirmation of the sacred-SELF in our sacred place in the universe that is restored in the practical application as powerwithin to have powerwith others, in order to eliminate the need for conquest and powerover.  Dineh Esoteric living words are hieroglyphs interrelated within the context of the natural order.  Thus, it takes a few or many English terms to accurately describe one Dineh Esoteric word.  A healing ceremony has four phases of healing that lead to curing by correcting of the root-cause that keeps an out-of-balance condition, out-of-balance.  There must be a special place to make an offering for a blessing within a ceremonial process for healing.

I was inspirited to coin a novel and contemporary term from my Vietnamese Refugee friend Joseph Trinh who combined the power of love, relationship, wellness and hope in this statement: “My hope for American is that love can be a currency for the healing of the people.”  I connected the word love and currency into one word and called it lovecurrency as a means of “social medicine” because the Dineh clan system facilitates communication and relationship with creator, the sacred-SELF and with relatives.  “Social medicine” is a form of “love medicine” in a healing ceremony that sets up the optimal conditions for wellness restoration intra-personally and intra-personally simultaneously.

Dineh Esoteric language concepts are described within the context of the natural order.  That is why some terms are italicized and why I run two words together.  They are not English terms in the Euro-centric Dualistic thinking system, but Dineh translations in an Affirmative thinking system.

A lovecurrency embassy can be designed as a place to implement a sacred circle ceremony.  A lovecurrency embassy is a safe and supportive place to empty, without judgment, condemnation and punishment.  It is a place to affirm our spiritual SELF-identity as a precious child of creator.  Because we can all claim our inherent divinity equally, we can become lovecurrency embassy Ambassadors and Wellness Restoration change agents.

If you are in Seattle, please join me for ceremony Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 5pm

Awaken a New Conscience ~ Ceremony & Meditation

Design a shift from Consciousness to awakening Conscience. In this ceremony we’ll explore the art of co-creative situational leadership skills. This ceremony includes a “Gold Star Meditation” technique that enables you to work safely in spiritual realms by interconnecting your “soul star” with the soul stars of others, all within an etheric network that allows us access to planetary guidance. At a practical level, this technique strengthens the creative imagination to manifest a new Wealthcare paradigm of spiritual health as wellness restoration and authentic wealth.

All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the glossary


On One Becoming One Radio: The Lovecurrency with Patricia Anne Davis

One Becoming One Radio  March 23, 2012 from 2pm to 3pm


Hosted By: Erik Lawyer & Sheri Herndon

Event Description

Lovecurrency, a social medicine way shared by Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo / Chahta-Dineh, is a synergistic and exponential effect of using power within, from creator, to have power with others. This social medicine is experienced as the act of being loved and of loving others.

What is Lovecurrency?

When living the loving way as a way of life, our identity is experienced through our spiritual family love and our holy relationship. Lovecurrency is a synergistic and exponential effect of using power within, from creator, to have power with others.
This social medicine is experienced as the act of being loved and of loving others.

Read more about One Becoming One Radio

Discussion Series: Dismantling Financial Trickery by Revealing the Substructure of Corruption

Speaking to Occupy Seattle

The first of a series of talks using a Dynamic Dialog to discover co creative solutions through an Indigenous Change Process. This is a win-win decision making system based in egalitarian resource sharing that is based on a societal structure that is based in Pure Democracy and worked for thousands of years.

March 7th, 5pm

800 Convention Pl, Seattle, WA 98101-2350
**2nd floor South below escalators by the Juicy Cafe**

Patricia leads The Moment of Peace event in Seattle, Saturday, March 10th 8pm

Washington State Convention Center, On Pike and 8th, downtown

**2nd floor South below escalators by the Juicy Cafe**

Special Meditation lead by Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Medicine Woman, advocate of win-win decision making for Abundant Living! She will lead us in Remembering and Reawakening to our sacred self in our sacred place in the universe. From this sacred place we can put Love and Peace into immediate action.

Please bring an image of what you love most in this world and add to our momentary collage/alter as we stand together envisioning a world of abundance, joy and peace.

Recorded Results from PURE DEMOCRACY Feb 15, 2012

PURE DEMOCRACY: Peacemaking using an Indigenous Change Process  Occupy Seattle, February 15, 2012

Patricia Anne Davis, MA

1. Problem Identification: naming the out-of-balance condition.
Assumption of superiority – Trans-generational disconnect – Misuse of power – Inequity – GREED and fear of lose – FEAR of survival – Asleep to creative gifts.

Core Issue:  the root cause that maintains the out-of-balance condition.
Conquest mentality; Historical documents instituted into infrastructure designed to benefit Colonialists Invaders ; Vatican’s Charter of Liberty defining ownership of land and property, including women; Vatican’s Charter of the Forrest: “Right of Discovery of Pagan Land” – Discovery Doctrine; Papal Bull, regarding American Indian Genocide and the Willie Lynch Letter regarding deconstructing Black people through Slavery.

2. Obstacles: emptying is correcting the obstacles to internal change that maintain the root cause of destructive and death producing choices.
“I am” my deficient self-image which is self-delusion; emptying self-doubt; Irish “keening” is public grieving of death; symbolic “death” of self-image; cleansing and purifying obstacles that are painful.

3. Realistic Ideal: reframing win-lose=no-win decisions into win-win decisions for constructive and life-affirming choices.  Affirming powerwithin to have powerwith others eliminates the need for powerover.
Win-win decisions for collective survival; remembering that there is a Unity and we are within the Oneness of creation.

4. Co-creative Resolution: manifesting the win-win co-creative solutions.
Design safe and supportive places for emptying without judgment, condemnation or punishment.  Design places to affirm our creative imagination and to our gifts.
Design Process: [powerwithin]

  • Envision – visualize: seeing
  • Conceptualize – intention: thinking
  • Dialogue – affirmation: speaking

5. Life Application: co-creative situational leadership for decision making and    designing the co-creative solutions.
Comradeship and solidarity: Alignment with the authority of our authentic-SELF.
Manifest Process: [to have powerwith others, eliminates the need for powerover]

  • Construct – manifest: doing
  • Life Skill – living co-creative solution(s)

For more explanation on italicized words please visit the Glossary of Translations

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Love Medicine: (listen to recording)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012 –

Love Medicine: (listen) ( Patricia at min 9:00)

In these times of crisis many people around the world are looking for something they can trust and believe in. They are turning to indigenous practices and beliefs to comfort their fears. Many Native people understand that the power and the answers we seek lie within each one of us. Have you ever thought about love as a medicine – a medicine that can heal yourself and those around you? When we speak of love, how do we receive it and how do we give it? What is real love medicine? Our guest is Patricia Anne Davis (Choctaw/Navajo) Indigenous Medicine Diagnostician and Practitioner. Walking in beauty and living the loving way…

hozho naasha – walking in beauty & living the loving way