Working Together for All – Next Eco Summit in Ashland: June 4th and 5th

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Be part of the change!  YOU ARE ESSENTIAL.

The second quarterly Eco Summit is coming to Ashland June 4th and 5th at the Historic Ashland Armory.  Each Eco Summit brings the community together to create a viable future by building on the work of the previous Summits.

Are you concerned about how to improve and support our communities’ emergency preparedness, carbon footprint, food security, economic infrastructure, and social equality?  Are you ready to craft a resilient and regenerative local culture where all life thrives? Do you want to build a world that we are proud to leave for the next generation?
Come spend two days with local policy makers, activists, professionals, business owners, students, teachers, scientists, technologists, and citizens of every age as we discuss and draft blueprints for our ideal Eco City.

The Eco Summit – June 4th and 5th, from 9 am to 6 pm, at the Historical Ashland Armory – Working Together For All.


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The Eco Summit is always free and all-inclusive.  Download the flyer here:  eco summit flyerNEW

Patricia Anne Davis, International Teacher of Indigenous Wisdom returns to Ashland, Oregon August 13-26, 2015

Building Resilient Communities Through Life Affirming Infrastructure

Dates, Venues and Workshops listed below

Aug 14-16  Peace Village Festival: Jackson Wellsprings

“Embracing Inner Peace” –

Aug 19th   The Ashland Haven: Ceremonial Change Process for Remembering the Sacred Self

6:30pm-8:30pm Donation Appreciated.  Children Welcome

Aug 20th  Bellview Grange:  Media and Workshop for Building Resilient Community

6:30pm-9pm  Free and Open to All

Aug 26th  The Ashland Haven:  A Conversation on Indigenous Principles in Modern Culture

6:30pm-8:30pm Tea Ceremony by Tea Ally

Call (541) 200-4404 for more information

Individual Sessions Available

Specializing in Veteran Recovery, Anger Management, Addiction Counseling

Training for Psychologists and Medical Professionals

Mediation for Families and Teens

PAD Headdress TU

Co-creative Situational Leadership: The discovery of each person’s inherent gifts can be manifested to promote collective survival by eliminating the need for power over.

Dismantling “Enemy Creation” for Peacemaking:  Peacemaking is a co-creative intentional affirmation for Wellness Restoration within a person, family, community and nation.

Reframing Decision Making from Win-Lose to Win-Win: This is a values clarification process to remember and reawaken our sacred self in our sacred place in the universe, beneficial to everyone interested in productive living.

PAD NYC Teaching

This Week in Ashland at The Historic Armory and The Haven: Community Healing and Wellness through Universal Indigenous Wisdom by Navajo Ceremonial Lineage Holder, Patricia Anne Davis, MA, ​Choctaw Navajo/Chahta Dineh

After a lifetime of serving through ceremonial healing and teaching, traveling to 9 countries to share this gift, Patricia Anne Davis is delighted to make her first major appearances to Ashland, OR this week.

PAD With Headdress

0516151020Due to a recent health emergency, Patricia’s major Ashland event is a last minute surprise booking for Sunday, May 24th, 12 5pm at the Historic Ashland Armory. She will still be holding her previously scheduled engagement at The Haven in Ashland on Friday, May 22nd, 6 8pm. Both events are by donation.

The Armory event will offer two main time slots with differing areas of focus on Sunday.

12-2pm will be all inclusive focus of life affirming, win win Indigenous wisdom.

3 5pm will focus on veterans of war, people struggling with addiction, and the teaching of balanced relationships.

2 3pm will be potluck, mingling, and tea ceremony. Everyone is welcome to all parts of the day, as everyone will receive something of value for any portion attended.


Events: Friday, May 22nd, 6-8pm The Haven, Ashland Sunday, May 24th, 12-5pm The Historic Ashland Armory, Ashland Patricia offers great care and precision in reframing all distorted perceptions, concepts, systems back into the knowing of our inherent and equal divinity with all nature. She calls this a “curing, as opposed to a coping”, “a universally experienced truth, as opposed to a competing Western philosophy or religion.”

This curing directly relates to all ailments in the physical body, as well as all questions of how we live as humans on this planet. Patricia is also available to be scheduled for one on one or group sessions in the Ashland area now through May 25th. She accepts honorariums, workshop tuition, consultant and training fees, and Ceremonial Monetary Offerings.​​

Another way to support Patricia’s work in a win win situation is to​ ​order a one of a kind designer Ceremonial Shawl. The Armory event will include guest organizations: The Tea Ally,’s The Heart Warrior Project, and others. We welcome groups serving the greater community in win win dynamics to participate in some fashion.

If you have interest to be involved, please contact Will Cooper: ​ The Tea Ally (​​) is a non profit focusing on the power of Tea to support veterans, incarcerated populations, and at risk youth. It’s founder, Joshua Alan Young, will be holding tea ceremony 2 3pm and will share information for his organization’s services.